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   Lab of Comparative Immunology and Parasitology

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 Lab Members

Maurizio F. Brivio PhD
Head of Lab 

Maristella Mastore 
Lab Assistant

Andrea Toscano
PhD Student


Modulation of Innate Immunity in animal models.

Recent advances in understanding how some animal models eliminate pathogens and parasites

have confirmed the crucial role of innate immunity to protect them from infections.

Our research is focused on the interaction between humoral and cellular defence systems of insect 

hosts before and after challenge with bacteria and parasitic nematodes.

In many cases the early interaction between host and foreign invaders involves surface compounds 

of pathogens that play a role in the host immunoevasion or depression.

So, we investigate immune responses in animal models (particularly insects) to understand if and

how they are able to counteract microorganisms or parasites infection and at the same time, we study

the elusive strategies implemented by pathogens; besides, we are investigating the effects of priming 

and immunomodulatory drugs on the host immune responses.


Particularly, we are studying:

      Humoral Immune responses, such as proPO system activity and AMPs synthesis.

      Cell-mediated responses, such as phagocytosis and encapsulation.

      The host immune responses are monitored in both naive and infected/parasitized insect larvae,

with or without priming or immunomodulatory drugs administration.

      Surface compounds from parasites and pathogenic bacteria involved in evasion and depression

      of host immunity.

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