Dept of Theoretical and Applied Sciences (DiSTA) - University of Insubria

maurizio brivio

Maurizio F. Brivio PhD - Head of Lab -


Maristella Mastore PhD - Lab Assistant


Simona Binda Rossetti - PhD Student




Modulation of Innate Immunity in animal models.

We investigate immune responses in animal models (particularly insects) ) to understand if and how they are able to counteract microorganisms or parasites infection.

Recent advances, in understanding how some animal models eliminate pathogens and parasites, have confirmed that innate immunity plays a crucial role in protecting them from infections.

We focus on the interaction between humoral and cellular defense systems of insect host before and after challenge with bacteria and pathogenic parasitic nematodes.

In details, we are examining:

  • Biological properties of newly sinthesized antimicrobial peptides (AMPs)
  • proPo system activity and modulation
  • Cellular encapsulation and phagocytosis processes
  • Parasites and bacteria surface compounds responsible for immunoevasion and/or immunodepression mechanisms

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We made some works in collaboration with

Stefano Giovannardi and Andrea De Lerma Barbaro

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