Etymology: Reptile with large forelimb

    Collected  Species: Megalancosaurus preonensis

    Systematic  Palaeontology: Reptilia, Diapsida,


    Distribution: Upper strata of the Calcari di Zorzino (Norian Age)         Dolomia di Forni (Norian Age)

  Locality: Poscante; Endenna; Preone Valley (Lombardy and Friuli,

     Northern Italy)


Repository: Museo Civico di Scienze Naturali "Caffi" di Bergamo; Museo Civico di Scienze Naturali di Udine


Megalancosaurus is a small diapsid reptile from the Late Triassic of Northern Italy which is closely related with Drepanosaurus and Dolabrosaurus (this latter from the Dockum Formation), forming the Drepanosauridae. The morphology of the post-orbital portion of the skull of Megalancosaurus is very bird-like in appearance, and the cervical vertebrae are very similar to the anterior cervical ones of the small specimen of Protoavis.


Megalancosaurus preonensis holotype, scale bar equals 0.5mm

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