Pliosauridae indet.


At the time of publication (1993) it was the first plesiosaur finding in Italy.  The specimen  consists of an isolated humerus collected in the Argille Varicolori Formation , in an outcrop close to the village of Zavattarello near Varzi (Pavia, Lombardy, Northern Italy). Micropaleontological data support a Santonian- Campanian  age for the sediment in which the fossil was enclosed. Size and morphology of the bone suggest it belonged to a juvenile plesiosaur, possibly a pliosauroid.


The specimen (cat. no. MPUM 6765 of the Paleontological collection of the Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra of the Milano University) in a) dorsal, b) ventral, c) preaxial , d) postaxial views. Scale bars equal 5 cm


Proximal (a) and distal (b) views. Scale bar equals 5 cm.




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